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for Škoda importers & partners only

Sharing is always a great experience.

Let your customers share twice,
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ŠKODA AUTO recommends choosing the Czech spa wafers – traditional Czech wafers with a rich brand heritage produced in the spa region of Karlovy Vary for almost 170 years.

The traditional spa wafers have a superb taste, delicious aroma and interchangeable lightness since 1856 making them a high demand product tasted by people like Peter the Great, W.A. Mozart, F.W. Schiller and many others.

The wafers have a suitable, round shape which the ŠKODA AUTO logo can be embossed into and thus combine a traditional Czech confectionery product with the ŠKODA brand.

The wafers can be delivered in various packages in terms of quantity and packaging materials used, starting with soft paper packaging and ending with luxurious decorative metal boxes.

Individual wafer

One-piece of wafer in a printed paper cone inside transparent envelope.

Paper cone: individual design printing by your reguest. 
Wafer: embossed motive of ŠKODA logo.
Wafer diameter:180 mm


Wafers in Paper box

5 pcs of wafers in a full color printed paper box

Paper box: individual design printing by your reguest. 
Wafers: embossed motive of ŠKODA logo
Wafer diameter:180 mm


Wafers in Metal can

5 pcs of wafers in a silver metal can, engraved logo on the lid

Metal can: individual design on the lid, engraving by your reguest. 
Wafers: embossed motive of ŠKODA logo
Wafer diameter:180 mm


delivery terms and condition
for Škoda importers & partners

4-5 weeks according to amount for first individual order
guaranteed storage period 6-8 months according to flavour
easy storage: in dry room, temperature up to 25°C
standard delivery: all Czech Republic and EU
individual delivery: worldwide


order process

send us your request sales@brandedwafers.com 
we will recommend the best kind of wafers and packaging
you will receive our offer within 24 hours
you can confirm CE and design of wafer, and pay advance invoice
we start production a and prepare final design layout of package
after confirmation we start production of package
we deliver your new wafers on time 



Thank you for your interest
and let's do it!